Social Events

Statement of Purpose:

GAPSA Social Event Funds offers funding opportunities in support of social events that will enhance the professional and personal development of graduate and professional students. This funding opportunity offers partial funding for event expenses such as food, beverages, and rentals.

Confused about which grant you should apply for? Refer to this handy flowchart.


The Social Event Funds program is available in support programs that support University of Minnesota graduate and professional students’ development and campus engagement. Only registered student organizations will be considered.

Applications for grants must be submitted electronically to before 12:00 p.m. on the day of the grant application deadline. To minimize possible problems, please use the U’s Webmail program when sending attachments. See the GAPSA Grants Deadlines.

For more information on the grant application process, check out our Social Grant Judging Criteria.

Guidelines for GAPSA Academic Initiative Grants and GAPSA Social Events Funds

  1. Grants will be awarded only to programs to which all University of Minnesota graduate and professional students have equal access without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, disability, public assistance status, veteran status, or sexual orientation.
  2. Grants will be awarded only to University of Minnesota student groups registered with the Student Activities Office (SAO). At least one of the event organizers must be a board member of the student group.
  3. All student organizations and events must follow all University of Minnesota policies and guidelines.
  4. Grants will not be awarded to support the full funding of any event. Student groups must demonstrate efforts to secure funding beyond this grant program in their applications.
  5. Social Events grants are available for multiple proposals for up to $1500 per organization, per academic year.
  6. No more than one application will be accepted for any particular event. Multiple student organizations cohosting an event may submit only one application.
  7. GAPSA Grant money may not be used for alcohol or honoraria (cash or cash equivalents) for speakers or special/honored guests to an event (e.g. gift cards for graduating members).
  8. Fundraisers or profit-generating events will not be funded.
  9. Grants awarded will be disbursed in two installments. The first installment will be ready immediately after the General Assembly approves the grant request. The second installment will be ready shortly after the evaluation form and the receipts have been submitted.
  10. If GAPSA has funded a previous event/program, the organizations must have completed the “GAPSA Grant Evaluation Form” within 30 days following the event. Student organizations that failed to file the evaluation forms will be required to return the grants they received and there will be a 6 months hiatus for these student groups to reapply for grants.
  11. Any grant money received must be used for the event or program for which it is awarded. Unused portions of the grant must be refunded to GAPSA.
  12. GAPSA funded events will be advertised through the GAPSA newsletter and the University Events Calendar on the University of Minnesota website.
  13. To be considered for funding the applications must provide accurate and detailed information about the program or event for which the funding is being sought. Incomplete proposals will not be considered for funding.
  14. All applicants will be required to appear before the grants committee to present their requests for funding. At least one of the presenters must be a board member of the student group. You will receive an email notification as to the time and location for your short presentation. If the presenters do not attend the GAPSA grants meeting, the request will not be considered.
  15. GAPSA will not fund events retroactively. Grants committee recommendations are not finalized until ratified by the GAPSA General Assembly. Therefore, the proposed event must take place after the next GAPSA General Assembly meeting from the date you submit the application. Please check the GAPSA General Assembly meeting dates before submitting your application.
  16. If an entrance/registration fee is charged, the event/program must be available to all University of Minnesota graduate and professional students at a reduced rate.
  17. All events funded through GAPSA grant programs must be advertised on the respective campuses. All advertisements for the event must acknowledge GAPSA’s contribution. The GAPSA logo is available upon request.
  18. GAPSA shall not bear any legal or financial liabilities for events that receive GAPSA grants funding.
  19. Final decisions for GAPSA Social Events Grants rests with the GAPSA Grants Committee. Appeals of this process can be made to the GAPSA Assembly.
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