Organization Structure

College Councils

GAPSA represents graduate and professional student from the following College Councils

  • Council of Graduate Students (COGS)
  • School of Dentistry Student Council
  • Graduate Students of Education & Human Development (GradSEHD)
  • Law Council
  • MBA Association (Carlson School of Management)
  • Medical School Student Council
  • Nursing College Board
  • Pharmacy College Board
  • School of Public Health Student Senate
  • Veterinary Medicine Student Council

The Assembly

The Assembly consists of representatives from the college councils and elected officials of the GAPSA Executive Committee. Each of the College Councils except COGS elects one University Senator and one GAPSA Representative to the Assembly. The Council of Graduate Students elects seven University Senators and one GAPSA Representative to the Assembly.

The Executive Board

Every year, the GAPSA Assembly elects the members of the GAPSA Executive Board for the following year. The Executive Board consists of the following positions:

  • President
  • Executive Vice President
  • Vice President for Administrative Affairs (Representative to the Board of Regents)
  • Vice President for Finance
  • Vice President for Public Affairs
  • Vice President for Programming
  • Vice President for Grants
  • Vice President for Internal Affairs
  • Vice President for Student Affairs (1-2)
  • At-Large Directors (1-2)

The Executive Board oversees the operations of the organization and reports directly to the Assembly.

Other Committees

There are a number of committees that operate within GAPSA to fulfill certain designated tasks and to coordinate smooth and efficient operation of the institution. The memberships to these committees are open to the Assembly Members. Furthermore, ad-hoc or temporary committees are often formed to fulfill certain responsibilities as needed. The following is a list of standing committees:

Internal Affairs Committee (Chaired by the Executive Vice President)
The Internal Affairs Committee is responsible for hiring, supervising, and overseeing of GAPSA employees. The IA Committee handles any formal grievances that may arise. In addition, if needed, the Committee provides directions and assistance to the members of the Executive Board to ensure that they fulfill their duties appropriately.

Finance Committee (Chaired by the Vice President for Finance)
The Finance Committee is responsible for formulating and enforcing GAPSA’s financial goals and policies. The Committee makes sure that the organization follows the recommendations of the Student Service Fees Committees and resolves all financial issues as necessary.

  • Fee Request Subcommittee (Chaired by the Vice President for Finance) The Fees Request Subcommittee is responsible for compiling and publishing GAPSA’s annual Fees Request that is submitted to the Student Service Fees Committee.

Public Affairs Committee (Chaired by the Vice President for Public Affairs)
The Public Affairs Committee mainly oversees and coordinates Graduate and Professional Student Assembly’s short-term and long-term policy agenda and assists in building grassroots support for GAPSA’s legislative platforms. This Committee also works to coordinate these messages and platforms with other members of the Executive Committee and the Assembly.

Programming Committee (Chaired by the Vice President for Programming)
The duties of the Programming Committee include coordinating and arranging various GAPSA events, such as, Socials, Bowling Nights, Orientation events, etc. The Committee assesses the success of a particular event and makes recommendations for possible changes.

Grants Committee (Chaired by the Vice President for Grants)
The Grants Committee administers GAPSA grant programs that include Academic Initiative Grants, Social Events Funds, and Travel Grants Program. The Committee ensures that the grants are distributed fairly and the grants recipients fulfill their responsibilities.

Organizational Chart

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